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‘The Photographs of Homer Page: The Guggenheim Year, New York, 1949-50’ to open at The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, Kansas City

Homer Page, American (1918-1985). New York, August 11, 1949 (girl and coal chute) Gelatin silver print


Homer Page
‘New York, August 11, 1949 (girl and coal chute)’
Gelatin silver print


“A brilliant but underappreciated American photographer, Homer Page used a Guggenheim fellowship in 1949-50 to photograph New York City. Included in the 2006 Hallmark Photographic Collection gift to the Nelson-Atkins were some 100 of his vintage black-and-white prints. The Museum is thus in a unique position to celebrate his remarkable artistic achievement: his vision, at once gritty and lyrical, of the face of metropolitan America at mid-century. In recording the city so intently, Page had a larger goal in mind: to suggest nothing less than the emotional tenor of life at that time and place.

From an artistic standpoint, Page’s work represents a “missing link” between the warm, humanistic, and socially motivated documentary photographs of the 1930s and early 1940s in the works of Dorothea Lange, and the tougher, grittier and more existential work of the later 1950s as seen in the images of Robert Frank.”

from The Nelson-Aitkens Museum of Art website


Homer Page. "Untitled" nd


Homer Page


“Page captured both the facts and the feeling of life in post-war New York: commuters in transit to and from their offices, the signs of commercial and consumer culture, leisure pursuits and night life, psychological vignettes of the lonely and dispossessed. His work provides a rich and original vision of 1949 America. 

“Page was devoted to the visible facts of his world, but his real goal was something much deeper: the emotional tenor of life at that time and that place. This is a body of work of great passion, intelligence, and artistic integrity – one that is all the more important for having remained essentially unknown to the present day,” Davis (former Hallmark Fine Art Programs Director) said.”

from the website



Exhibition dates: February 14th – June 7th 2009

More information from The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art website

Marcus Bunyan black and white archive: ‘Études’ 1994

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