Exhibition: ‘Subterranean’ at Arts Project Australia, Northcote

Exhibition dates: 19th March – 27th April 2011


One of the most – no, the most vibrant and exciting place to visit at last year’s Melbourne Art Fair was the Arts Project Australia stand. What a buzz the place had! They have an interesting gallery in Northcote that is well worth a visit. Coming up at the end of April is a retrospective of the work of Alan Constable that spans twenty years – including the wonderful cameras he makes. Posting about this exhibition to follow.

Many thankx to Arts Project Australia for allowing me to publish the photographs in the posting. Please click on the photographs for a larger version of the image.




Kate Knight
Not titled (blue and green bird)
7 x 30 x 7cm
Image courtesy the artist and Arts Project Australia



Valerio Ciccone
3.5 x 24 x 15cm
Image courtesy the artist and Arts Project Australia



“Bold in form and colour to the intricate and subtle, Subterranean is an exhibition that celebrates the possibilities of the ceramic form at Arts Project Australia from Saturday 19 March until Wednesday 27 April 2011.

From domestic and functional forms to work referencing popular culture and narrative fiction, this exhibition showcases the possibilities of ceramics.

The imitative nature of clay has inspired many Arts Project artists. Popular culture, narrative fiction and two-dimensional images from National Geographic magazines provide the foundation for new sculptures by Rebecca Scibilia, Tim Noble and Ruth Howard.

Several of the featured artists are also interested in the functional potential of ceramics, specifically that of domestic ceramic objects such as vases and teapots. Fiona Longhurst and Kaye McDonald are inspired by existing ceramic items to create their own exquisite versions with intricate detailed surface drawings and colourful glaze patterns.

The artistic process is one of technical experimentation, investigation and discovery, seen in the ceramic work of Valerio Ciccone, Alan Constable, Kelvin Heffernan, Paul Hodges, Ruth Howard, Thomas Iacono, Kate Knight, Fiona Longhurst, Chris Mason, Karen McCullough, Kaye McDonald, Cameron Noble, Jodie Noble, Tim Noble, Chris O’Brien, Lisa Reid, Rebecca Scibilia, Malcolm Sturrock and Terry Williams.

Subterranean has been curated by Katie Jacobs.”


Arts Project Australia is a not for profit organisation that has been supporting artists with intellectual disabilities since 1974. Our inner city studio and gallery exist to nurture and promote artists as they develop their body of work. We rely on government funds, personal and philanthropic donations and commissions from artwork sales to continue our work.

Text from Arts Project Australia



Kaye McDonald
Not titled (orange mug)
16 x 11 x 9cm
Image courtesy the artist and Arts Project Australia



Malcolm Sturrock
Not titled (rabbit in red jumper)
29 x 19 x 12cm
Image courtesy the artist and Arts Project Australia



Arts Project Australia
24 High Street
Northcote Victoria 3070
T: + 61 3 9482 4484

Gallery Hours:
Monday to Friday
 9am – 5pm
10am – 1pm

Arts Project Australia website

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1 Response to “Exhibition: ‘Subterranean’ at Arts Project Australia, Northcote”

  1. March 29, 2011 at 10:49 am

    That is some amazing art!

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