Book: Robert Frank ‘The Americans’ (1st Scalo edition)

December 2008


Robert Frank. The Americans (1st Scalo edition)


The Americans. Photographs by Robert Frank. Introduction by Jack Kerouac. Scalo, Zürich/D.A.P., New York, 1993.
First Scalo edition. 179 pp. Oblong quarto. Hardbound in photo-illustrated dust jacket. Black-and-white reproductions.



WOW! One of the seminal books of photography and signed as well.

“It was Frank’s ‘The Americans’ that made the photographic book into an art form in its own right. Frank was following a lead set by [Wright] Morris’ book (‘The Inhabitants’) and, especially, by Evans’ ‘American Photographs’, both of which are designed to let pictures play off each other in a way that controls and reinforces their effect on the viewer. Even Klein’s ‘New York’ book displays this tendency. But Frank’s goes much further, creating a denser, richer, deeper structure of images than any book before it.”

Colin Westerbeck in Michel Frizot, et. al., The New History of Photography.

Estimated: $1200 – 1400



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1 Response to “Book: Robert Frank ‘The Americans’ (1st Scalo edition)”

  1. 1 Vermont
    December 28, 2010 at 12:29 am

    lovely…I recently wrote Mr. Frank…as friend who had done an interview with him gave me his address…I sent him four books of mine and he graciously signed them all…what a treasure to have these things…Mr. Frank is a class act all the way beyond being the great eye of his generation…

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