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Exhibition: ‘Ladies and Gentlemen: The Camera as a Mirror’ at the Moderna Museet, Malmö, Sweden

Exhibition dates: 18th February 2012 – 22nd April 2012


Many thankx to the Moderna Museet for allowing me to publish the photographs in the posting. Please click on the photographs for a larger version of the image.



Cindy Sherman. 'Untitled Film Still #56' 1980


Cindy Sherman (American, b. 1954)
Untitled Film Still #56
© Cindy Sherman. Courtesy of the Artist and Metro Pictures


Samuel Fosso. 'Sans titre. De la série Années 70' 1970-1980


Samuel Fosso (Cameroon, b. 1962)
Sans titre. De la série Années 70
Gelatin silver print
© Samuel Fosso, Courtesy JM Patras/Paris


Robert Mapplethorpe. 'Patti Smith' 1979


Robert Mapplethorpe (American, 1946-1989)
Patti Smith
Gelatin silver print
© Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation


Robert Mapplethorpe. 'Self Portrait' 1980


Robert Mapplethorpe (American, 1946-1989)
Self Portrait
Gelatin silver print
© Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation


Seydou Keïta. 'Untitled #419' 1950-1952


Seydou Keïta (Mali, 1921-2001)
Untitled #419
Gelatin silver print
© Seydou Keïta / SKPEAC


Seydou Keïta. 'Untitled #420' 1950-1952


Seydou Keïta (Mali, 1921-2001)
Untitled #420
© Seydou Keïta / SKPEAC



This spring we will be showing more than forty photographs from the period 1950-90 taken by leading artists such as Andy Warhol, Cindy Sherman, Robert Mapplethorpe, Samuel Fosso, Tracey Moffatt, and Elina Brotherus. The exhibition focuses on the art of portrait photography and how the artist in his or her studio creates images that depict people not just as they actually are, but also as they would like to appear.

Moderna Museet’s collection of photography is among the foremost in Europe, it includes some of the most prominent figures in the history of photography. Andy Warhol, Cindy Sherman, and Robert Mapplethorpe are all big names in photography, artists whose work often revolves around concepts of identity, sexuality, and performativity. The photography studio is a place for masquerades and manipulations, a stage where various identities and roles can be tested. It therefore problematises the idea that a portrait is meant to convey some truth about the subject’s inner life. How do we distinguish a staged scene from reality? Is it even possible to make such a distinction? How free are we to form our own identity? If it’s a matter of choosing a role, what roles are available to us?

Andy Warhol’s Polaroid pictures, whose title, Ladies and Gentlemen, has also provided the name for the exhibition, are examples of his interest in – or rather his obsession with – celebrities. From industrial magnates to movie stars, from rock musicians to the “superstar” friends who hung out around the Factory, his fabled studio. In the world of pop art and popular culture, surface is everything. Robert Mapplethorpe’s photographs are instead classically composed – stylised and aesthetically formed. In the controlled environment and lighting of the photo studio, he strives not for realism but for beauty. Here role-play becomes a part of the picture’s constructed character.

In Cindy Sherman’s suite of images called Untitled Film Stills (1977-1980), she plays with film clichés. The scenes and characters in her photographs seem familiar, but in fact it’s always Sherman herself we see in the leading role. Using the camera as a mirror, she takes on and explores various roles. It’s a game of trying on identities that is familiar to teenagers in particular the world over, a game we play in an attempt to find ourselves, or rather to construct an individual identity. One of the many ways in which Sherman’s pictures have been interpreted is as a feminist critique of the limited number of roles available to women.

This exhibition also presents several works by Seydou Keïta, Malick Sidibé, and Samuel Fosso, studio photographers who work primarily with portrait photography. Keïta’s studio was next-door to a movie theater in Bamako, the capitol city of Mali. Sidibé takes pictures not just in his studio but also at weddings and other parties. His photographs from Bamako in the 1960s reflect the great hope that came with liberation from French colonial power. Fosso opened his studio in Bangui, in the Central African Republic, when he was still a teenager. He is best known for a series of self-portraits in which he dons a variety of outfits to assume different roles.

Press release from the Moderna Museet website


Elina Brotherus. 'Honeymoon' 1997 (detail)


Elina Brotherus (Finnish, b. 1972)
Honeymoon (detail)
© Elina Brotherus


Francesco Vezzoli. 'Portrait of H.R.H The Princess of Hanover (Before & After Salvador Dalí)' 2009


Francesco Vezzoli (Italian, b. 1971)
Portrait of H.R.H The Princess of Hanover (Before & After Salvador Dalí)
© Francesco Vezzoli/BUS 2012


Andy Warhol. 'Gianni Agnelli' 1972


Andy Warhol (American, 1928-1987)
Gianni Agnelli
© Andy Warhol/BUS 2012


Andy Warhol. 'John Chamberlain and Lorraine' 1978


Andy Warhol (American, 1928-1987)
John Chamberlain and Lorraine
© Andy Warhol/BUS2012


Andy Warhol. 'Ladies and Gentlemen (Wilhelmina Ross)' 1974


Andy Warhol (American, 1928-1987)
Ladies and Gentlemen (Wilhelmina Ross)
© Andy Warhol/BUS 2012



Moderna Museet Malmö
Gasverksgatan 22 in Malmö

Moderna Museet Malmö is located in the city centre of Malmö. Ten minutes walk from the Central station, five minutes walk from Gustav Adolfs torg and Stortorget.

Opening hours:
Tuesday – Sunday 11 – 17
Mondays closed

Moderna Museet Malmö website


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