Exhibition: ‘The best is often the Memories: Photographic Portraits of Romy Schneider’ at Museum Fue Kunst Und Gewerbe, Hamburg

Exhibition dates: 6th February – 13th April 2009


Will McBride. 'Romy Schneider, Paris, 1964'


Will McBride
Romy Schneider, Paris, 1964


Peter Bruchmann. 'Romy Schneider, Munich, 1968'


Peter Bruchmann
‘Romy Schneider, Munich, 1968’


“Herbert List, Max Scheler, Roger Fritz, F. C. Gundlach, Will McBride, Peter Brüchmann, Werner Bokelberg, Helga Kneidl and Robert Lebeck took photos of Romy Schneider in quite different ways, as a young girl, in her film roles, together with her children, apparently unobserved in everyday situations or in set poses and dressed up in various costumes, merry or pensive, beautiful and fragile. More than 140 pictures will be on show, of which about 40 are being exhibited for the first time.


Roger Fritz. 'Romy Schneider, Paris, 1961'


Roger Fritz
Romy Schneider, Paris, 1961


Herbert List. 'Romy Schneider, Munich, 1954'


Herbert List
Romy Schneider, Munich, 1954


Hardly any other star has left us with so many different and conflicting images as Romy Schneider. She was photographed thousands of times – and yet she always remained enigmatic. Some of the photographers whose work is presented in this exhibition only met Romy once – Herbert List, for instance, captured her as a teenager around 1954 on pictures which remained unknown until recently – or accompanied her throughout her life, like Robert Lebeck, who succeeded in taking disturbingly personal pictures of her from the 1950s through to shortly before her death.


F. C. Gundlach. 'Romy Schneider, Hamburg, 1961'


F. C. Gundlach
Romy Schneider, Hamburg, 1961


Werner Bokelberg. 'Romy Schneider, London, 1968'


Werner Bokelberg
Romy Schneider, London, 1968


These snapshots conjure up once again the legend that was Romy, while at the same time making a powerful statement which reveals the transitoriness of existence. Because that is the core of what a photo does: it creates an image in order to bear lasting witness to an event which happened – yet at the very moment of capturing the image on film, it is no more than the proof that the fleeting moment has passed.
The photos by Herbert List, Werner Bokelberg, Peter Brüchmann, Roger Fritz and Max Scheler are being shown publicly for the first time. This also applies to the majority of the photos by F. C. Gundlach and Will McBride. The pictures by Helga Kneidl and Robert Lebeck have already appeared in books about Romy Schneider. These volumes are however now out of print.”

Text from the Museum Fue Kunst Und Gewerbe website


Helga Kneidl. 'Romy Schneider, Paris, 1972'


Helga Kneidl
Romy Schneider, Paris, 1972


Helga Kneidl. 'Romy Schneider, Paris, 1973'


Helga Kneidl
Romy Schneider, Paris, 1973


The legend that was Romy!
I have never known the filmography of Romy Schneider, never come across this actress before sad to say. But now I do. What great photographs. What a beautiful woman: sensitive, vivacious, stunning. A soul I would have liked to have known.

All images copyright of the photographers.



Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg
Steintorplatz, 20099 Hamburg

Opening hours:
Tuesday to Sunday 11 am – 6 pm
Wednesday and Thursday 11 am – 9 pm

Museum Fue Kunst Und Gewerbe website


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2 Responses to “Exhibition: ‘The best is often the Memories: Photographic Portraits of Romy Schneider’ at Museum Fue Kunst Und Gewerbe, Hamburg”

  1. 1 LL
    May 27, 2010 at 3:38 am

    wish i could go see this exhibit!
    romy is an excellent actor. she is my absolute favorite.

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