“Cold Stream” by Cy Twombly 1966

"Cold Stream" by Cy Twombly 1966


Cy Twombly
“Cold Stream”
White wax pencil on canvas


This painting reminds me of the drawings of Rudolf Steiner (see the exhibition ‘Joseph Beuys & Rudolf Steiner: Imagination, Inspiration, Intuition’ at The National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne earlier this year) but here the performance of marking is pushed beyond the bounds of the spiritual by the ferocious attack of the artist – repeating the form but transgressing the boundaries of that form, disintegrating the ritual into the physical release of energy through the hand. One can almost see the maelstrom of the splitting of the atom in Twombly’s repeating performance threatening to destroy himself and the world around him.

M Bunyan


Rudolf Steiner. Blackboard Drawings, 1919-1924. Amazon new book.

2 Responses to ““Cold Stream” by Cy Twombly 1966”

  1. November 23, 2011 at 4:36 am

    These curly scribbles by Twombly seem to have less to say than some of his other work, which seems less deliberate and space-filling. But I still like it : )

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